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13510 Aurora Ave, Seattle, WA 98133
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13510 Aurora Ave, Seattle, WA 98133

Whether you're a life-long fan or wanting to try something new, Gojo is the perfect place to find delicious, authentic Ethiopian cuisine. Located in Seattle, they love crafting fresh, savory Ethiopian dishes and helping new people discover the many unique flavors of this rich culinary culture.

Never tried Ethiopian? You're in for a treat. It's a rich, succulent cuisine filled with vibrant flavor. Ethiopian cuisine revolves around vegetable and meat dishes in the form of thick, hearty stews called Wats, filled with seasonings, sauted ingredients, and a noticeable amount of spiciness. Accompanying these dishes are Injera, a traditional Ethiopian flatbread that complements the many flavorful dishes perfectly. Torn pieces of Injera are used to scoop up and enjoy portions of the Wat; Ethiopian is usually eaten without utensils.

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When you come in, cool off with a glass of Tej, an Ethiopian honey wine. When you order, you have a variety of options. They have a selection of individual entree options available, like Yebeg Key Wat, a lamb Wat made with spiced butter, onion, and garlic; and Yedoro Tibs, lean chicken sauted with onion, garlic, berbere and awaze sauce.

But if you're extra hungry, eating with a group, or wanting to sample the many flavors of Ethiopian cuisine, they recommend one of their combination platters. They come with a variety of Wats artfully arranged on a giant platter, with multiple injera breads piled underneath. Try either the meat combo plate with a delicious assortment of meat Wats, or the veggie platter that has numerous vegetable-based Wats. Or try them both to get the full culinary experience. If you're looking for well-made, delicious Ethiopian food, you'll find it there at Gojo. And if you don't love Ethiopian food when you enter, you just might when you leave.

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